Two years ago we set out to change our lives. We dropped out of the mainstream and tuned in to what life has to offer.

Our successful careers were thrown to the wind. We took a deep breath, shored up our finances, and said bon voyage to work. The old life was packed up and sent away. Our apartment sold, our belongings left on the dock with no final destination.

The Blog is a personal documentary of our travels from port to port. The Projects are the side hustles we are working to create the lifestyle we want to lead – adventure-ready. Here are the wins, the losses, and the experiences in between. We hope you will follow along and be inspired to tune in to all that life can be for you.

This is Post Nautical.


You don’t just live in life, you change it, you shape it, you leave your mark upon it. Many years ago we started to realize that life was taking us for a ride and we weren’t in the driver’s seat. In 2009 we had almost made it, living on a boat called the Belafonte in Honolulu, Hawaii. Life was pretty good. But after several years of life on the water, it all ended rather abruptly in February 2011 with a tsunami caused by the massive and devastating earthquake in Japan. Left financially on the edge, we sold the boat and moved to Ohio. Not long after the next call to adventure occurred and we ended up in Australia. Life again was good, but the more we had a successful traditional life, the more we realized that we wanted more from life. We wanted to craft a life that lived up to our expectations. In 2018 we jumped ship from our traditional work life and set out to create a new life of our creation.



The first step is hard. Figuring out exactly what you want your life to be like is daunting. Trust us. Rather than setting out with any specific plan, we took a more spiritual approach to create our dream. We knew we wanted to be location independent, i.e. live where ever we wanted and to have a continuous, albeit slow change of scenery. We knew that we wanted to drop out of the life we had so that we could tune into what life could show us.



A little planning goes a long way. We spent years getting ourselves ready to live a crafted life. Firstly we needed to explore parts of the world that would support this lifestyle. Visa restrictions, cost of living, and culture were all important factors. It all came down to finances which meant we needed to save up for the time we were “losing income” because we didn’t have work. We are not there yet but our long term goal is to have an income that supports us to have the freedom to live how we choose.




By September 2019, we were both voluntarily jobless with one-way tickets to Bali. Our travel plans included a month in Bali, a month in Thailand, and three months in Vietnam.




Although this started as an extended holiday or vacation, taking this leap allowed for transformation in our relationship and in ourselves. 

And we’re not done yet.

We have started on a journey so different to what we envisioned when we first set out. We are changed people who have grown in our love for each other and a steady eye set towards our future. 




Before joining Post Nautical, Sade worked in tourism and hospitality in the US and Australia. Her career in hospitality blossomed when we moved to Australia and from that created a diverse network across the travel industry.




Sade is a passionate relationship builder. Whether it be C-Level executives or the coffee shop barista, Sade enjoys building meaningful connections.

At Post Nautical, Sade focuses her time building relationships with travel industry partners. She brings a passion for responsible tourism to Post Nautical, and this is reflected in her editorial contributions. 

Additionally, she is furthering her professional aspirations by implementing web-based marketing strategies and taking the lead on projects such as her Arbonne business.

You can contact Sade through the Post Nautical Contact form or through her Linked In.



Josh is a relentless creator and curator. As someone passionate about strategic planning and driving for results, he loves to take creative ideas and bring them to life. He is most passionate about identifying talent and helping others to see their potential.


Before Post Nautical, Josh spent nearly two decades working for Apple Inc. As a Store Leader, he guided teams across Australia and the United States and played a role in Apple’s tremendous growth story. Previously he started a social media marketing company, The Belafonte. As someone passionate about solving environmental problems, Josh founded the Bela Aina Project, a Non-Profit dedicated to cleaning up a polluted lagoon in the Hawaiian Islands.


At Post Nautical, Josh focuses his time on creating brand identity, curating content, and looking towards the future. He is a staunch believer that esthetic can define reality, and he weaves this into every part of the brand.


You can contact Josh through the Post Nautical Contact form or through his Linked In.



Post Nautical is the name of our blog. The mask at the to is an Indonesian mask of Barong. Barong holds a special place in our heart in recalling our first visit to Indonesia. We have a Barong mask that we brought back from that visit and the icon was designed from that. It not a logo, but a reminder to us of how far we have come and the gratitude we have for the blessings we have been given.


The term “Post Nautical” describes a time period after our time living on the ocean. That time living aboard was known as, The Belafonte.


Sure! We have worked with tourism agencies in Thailand and Vietnam. We are happy to appear in Podcasts and other media. If you would like to chat, contact us.