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When will GoJek have an IPO?

Its no secret, I’m a fan of GoJek in Indonesia. I’ve been impatiently waiting to see when the Gojek IPO will occur for years. In

What sells on Shutterstock

Well, here is an interesting update. Up until June of this year all of my photos on Shutterstock had been nature and animal photos. Animals photos on Shutterstock have generated $2.90 over the last two years. 15% of the photos in the Animal collection have been downloaded. The most downloaded photo is on the bottom right in the photo below. I think it’s worth noting that these photos are not particularly special and quite a few were shot on iPhones. Nature photos on Shutterstock have generated $2.61 over the last two years. 10% of the photos in the Nature collection

A Scooter Adventure, A High Priestess and Four Lessons

One hour and fifteen minutes, that’s what Google Maps said. The reality, two hours and twenty minutes. Bali traffic is next level. Not like Los Angeles next level. But like you to took a backcountry road and made a major thoroughfare and kept two lanes. Add in chickens crossing, dogs running, kids playing, scooters & cars intermingling that’s Bali. It’s not bad, just busy. Patience is the name of the game. And of course, “Hati Hati”” – which seems to be a cross between carefully and slowly in Indonesian.

Gojek vs Grab in Indonesia

The first thing you notice in Bali are the green helmets of scooter drivers. Gojek vs Grab is the ultimate question in Indonesian transport.