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What sells on Shutterstock

Well, here is an interesting update. Up until June of this year all of my photos on Shutterstock had been nature and animal photos. Animals photos on Shutterstock have generated $2.90 over the last two years. 15% of the photos in the Animal collection have been downloaded. The most downloaded photo is on the bottom right in the photo below. I think it’s worth noting that these photos are not particularly special and quite a few were shot on iPhones. Nature photos on Shutterstock have generated $2.61 over the last two years. 10% of the photos in the Nature collection

When will GoJek have an IPO?

Its no secret, I’m a fan of GoJek in Indonesia. I’ve been impatiently waiting to see when the Gojek IPO will occur for years. In

Red bus Bangkok or blue bus? Mate, we got you.

This article is intended to answer some of your basic questions on getting around in Bangkok by bus. We will cover much bus tickets cost, a comparison between the different options for buses and their respective fares. Hopefully, these details will inspire your confidence to enjoy this mode of transport in Bangkok that few tourists try.

T-Shirt printing Bali – We’re Making Shirts!

On one of our rides, Josh noticed a screen printing shop. So today we decided to stop in and say hello. Now, I thought that we were just saying hello, taking a look, and then leaving. Unbeknownst to me, Josh had a different plan in mind. He was here to make a shirt and within minutes has trying to translate (mind you I don’t speak Indonesian, like at all) to communicate that we want to use our images to make printed shirts.

Is Pai Thailand worth visiting? We have the answer!

How far is the drive from Chiang Mai to Pai, what is there to do, is it worth visiting and our 24-hour itinerary. “Yes, you should go to Pai! But you will get sick on the drive there,” one person shared. “There are 762 right turns, I never drive myself,” another friend cautioned.

Is Borneo safe? It’s safer than you think.

Visiting Borneo is so exciting! If you are like us, the allure of diving, orangutans, and Dayak culture is too much to pass up. But, before plunging into this holiday, your probably a little worried about safety and precautions you should take. We can totally relate! We tend to overthink every destination we visit to make sure we will come back safe and healthy.

Using Grab App in Thailand

If you consider yourself a loyal Uber rider than Grab is what you need when traveling through Southeast Asia. We first heard of the app from friends we were within Bali. After having trouble with Go-Jek, another car-share app, we decided to give Grab a try and haven’t looked back. Here’s a quick rundown for using Grab app in Thailand and some top tips to help you plan

Gojek vs Grab in Indonesia

The first thing you notice in Bali are the green helmets of scooter drivers. Gojek vs Grab is the ultimate question in Indonesian transport.