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What sells on Shutterstock

Well, here is an interesting update. Up until June of this year all of my photos on Shutterstock had been nature and animal photos. Animals photos on Shutterstock have generated $2.90 over the last two years. 15% of the photos in the Animal collection have been downloaded. The most downloaded photo is on the bottom right in the photo below. I think it’s worth noting that these photos are not particularly special and quite a few were shot on iPhones. Nature photos on Shutterstock have generated $2.61 over the last two years. 10% of the photos in the Nature collection

What is an SPAC and how does it impact a Gojek IPO?

Firstly let me say this; before I got into fintech in Indonesia I had no idea what a SPAC was. I’m still a bit confused about the whole thing but according to Investopedia: A special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) is formed to raise money through an initial public offering to buy another company. Have a look over the Investopedia site for a broader definition as its outside of my scope at the time being.

Cooking class in Bangkok? Courageous Kitchen Review!

Firstly a not-for-profit, Courageous Kitchen started with humble beginnings of teaching English to children without access to standard education. Over time, Dwight and Panisha, the couple behind the outreach, expanded the program to teaching math, food safety, nutrition and, you guessed it, cooking. 

Chiang Mai Food Guide

Where to eat and where to go for food market, food tour, food delivery, foodie tours, food night market, food court, food street. Here’s a guide to where you can find some good eats and what we’ve eaten at each place. At the end is a price guide to give you an idea of what we spent on food.

2019 Responsible Tourism Companies – Siem Reap Food Tours in Cambodia

A form of community-based tourism shown by this small business having a positive impact. For nearly four hours we ate and ate and ate. We rode a tuk-tuk, while Steven hung on the back, or front, depending on where we were going. We went to places that did not look like places we would have chosen to go on our own.

Gojek vs Grab in Indonesia

The first thing you notice in Bali are the green helmets of scooter drivers. Gojek vs Grab is the ultimate question in Indonesian transport.