A Day in Sunny Sanur

In front of us is a beautiful white sand beach, great for swimming, jet skis, paddleboards and flying on an inflatable tube (I’m serious. Flying. In. The. Air.) Sanur on the southeast shore of Bali will get you thinking about how you can re-frame your life to stay in paradise.

Our first week in Bali was spent celebrating our friends who were getting married. It’s the reason we decided to stay in Bali because we were already here! They had been to Bali many times before, and during that first week, we got to see a lot of different places on the island. “There’s a winery in Sanur, and we’re gonna go for a tasting and pick up some wines for the wedding.” A winery…in Bali? Can they even grow grapes in this climate? It turns out the grapes are grown in South Australia and vinified (aka turned into wine) in Bali.

After a surprisingly delightful wine tasting and cheap dinner, Josh and I knew we needed to come back and spend more time in Sanur. If you’re looking to spend a day in Sanur, here’s what we did.


Enjoy a coffee at Kopi Bali House where you can get a proper coffee. If you’re feeling extra, you can also try their coffee luwak. Afterwards, make your way to Mertasari Beach and stroll the paved pathway along the beach.


As you walk along, between Bobby’s Bar & Restoran and the Fairmont Sanur is a bunch of eateries where you can sit at tables and dine with your feet in the sand! Warung, seafood barbecues and grill carts made us believe that this was a local area, and the prices for the food confirmed it.


It’s the heat of the day, and after lunch, you’ll be hanging to get out of the sun. If you brought your swim gear, go for a dip in the shallow water, snorkel or rent a stand-up paddleboard. Or you may want to walk out to Pantai Semawang, a rest area overlooking the ocean. You can sit under the shade and enjoy the fresh sea breeze. Along the pathway, you’ll probably get heckled for a massage. You never have to convince me twice of a massage in Bali but know this – while you may have an ocean view the massage beds are right next to the pathway. So, it’s not as relaxing as the spas, BUT they are about half the price.


Head out to Hatten Wines Winery and enjoy tasting their excellent wines. Buy a bottle or two and head to dinner or back to the comfort of your room.

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