Is Grab Legal in Thailand in 2024? Latest Updates for Travellers.

Colorful digital collage of Thai landmarks, including tuk-tuks and temples, with a smartphone displaying the Grab app interface, symbolizing Grab's presence and legality in Thailand.


If you’re planning a visit to Thailand in 2024, you might be wondering about using Grab, the popular ride-hailing service. Good news – Grab is not only legal but also widely used across the country. Here’s an updated look at Grab’s operations in Thailand.

What Is Grab?

Grab, a multifaceted app offering transport, food delivery, and more, has been a game-changer in Thailand since 2013, especially after Uber left the Thai market in 2018.

The Legality and Popularity of Grab in Thailand

As of 2024, Grab is legal and thriving in Thailand. The app saw a 45% increase in foreign users in 2022, a testament to its growing popularity among tourists. Grab’s market share is impressive, holding around 70% of the ride-hailing market as of the first quarter of 2022.

New Regulations and Compliance

Adapting to Thailand’s evolving regulations, Grab has ensured compliance, especially with the new requirement for commercial licenses for motorcycle taxis from mid-2023.

Sustainable Transportation with Grab

Embracing sustainability, Grab Thailand announced an ambitious goal for electric vehicles (EVs) in their fleet, aiming for 10% EVs by 2026.

Using Grab in Thailand

To utilize Grab’s services:

  1. Download the App before your journey.
  2. Create an Account with a preferred payment method.
  3. Understand the Fares and safety features for a secure travel experience.


In 2024, Grab is a legal, popular, and eco-friendly transport option in Thailand. It’s a go-to choice for getting around, whether you’re in bustling Bangkok or exploring other Thai cities.

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