Using Grab in Thailand: Top 2024 Travel & Usage Guide

Grab Car in Thailand

Your Ultimate Guide to Using Grab in Thailand

Navigating through a new country can often be a puzzle, especially when it comes to transportation. In Thailand, the Grab app is the key piece to this puzzle. Here’s an enriched guide on leveraging the power of Grab during your visit.

What is Grab?

Originating from Southeast Asia, Grab has become the go-to platform for various services. In Thailand, besides its core ride-hailing function, it offers a plethora of other services including food delivery, grocery shopping, and more.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Grab in Thailand:

  1. Download & Register: First, fetch the Grab app from your respective app store. Register using either a mobile number, email, or social media account.
  2. Setting Your Location: Once you’re in, ensure your location services are active. The app primarily relies on this to connect you with nearby drivers.
  3. Booking a Ride: Input your destination. You’ll then see multiple options such as “GrabCar,” “GrabBike,” or the economically efficient “JustGrab.” Prices vary, so choose based on your needs.
  4. Know the Fees: If you’re hailing a Grab from the airport, be aware there’s an additional airport fee of around 150 baht. In crowded places, drivers might charge a waiting fee after the first 5 minutes.
  5. Payment: Although linking a card is possible, many users, especially tourists, prefer the “Cash” option to avoid transaction fees. Always check the total fare before confirming.
  6. Locating Your Driver: In crowded areas, pinpointing your exact location can be challenging. Look out for specific pickup points in the app, especially in malls or markets. If it’s too crowded, consider moving to a more recognizable spot.
  7. Additional Features: Beyond rides, delve into Thailand’s gastronomic delights with Grab’s food delivery. Numerous local cafes, eateries, and even supermarkets collaborate with Grab, offering you a taste of authentic Thai flavors at your convenience.


  • Comparison with Bolt: While Grab is widespread in Thailand, consider comparing fares with the Bolt app. Often, one can be more economical than the other, depending on the time and location.
  • Booking Return Rides: Grab’s algorithm matches you with nearby drivers. If you wish to have the same driver for a return journey, it’s best to coordinate with them directly and agree on a fare.


Grab, with its multifaceted offerings, isn’t merely a transport app; it’s an integral tool for anyone navigating Thailand. Whether you’re commuting or exploring Thai cuisine, Grab ensures a seamless experience. However, always keep an eye on the app’s notifications and be mindful of additional charges in specific scenarios.

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