Gojek is fun, but are Gojek’s safe?

Throughout all the travels we’ve done in Asia, one mode of transportation that is overwhelmingly present is scooters. Riding scooters around Asia sounds fun, but is Gojek safe? Throwing safety to the wind I took off on my first Gojek in Bali.

When we went to Vietnam, we decided on a food tour in Ho Chi Minh City that promised driving through the city and food stops by scooter. Uh, sold!

“Babe, do you think that we could hire a moped when we go overseas?” I asked. After scanning through our insurance policy and researching a handful of other policies, the result was if you get into an accident on a moped you may or may not be covered. As expected, too much grey area.

Earlier this year Josh travelled through Java and used a local app, Go jek. Similar to rideshare apps, Gojek also provides food deliveries, laundry service and (wait for it) moped transport instead of a car ride. YASSS. Today, I was going to ride a moped.

Getting a SIM card in Bali

There were a few setbacks, though. Unfortunately, when we purchased our SIM cards by a local shop keeper, they first sold us a different package (no phone, no SMS and only 4GB versus the 21GB that we wanted) and second, they gave us the wrong phone number packet. So because of this, we needed to find a proper Telkomsel shop at the local mall to fix this so we could download Go Jek on my phone. Well once that was sorted we then needed to go to a local store, Alfamart, to pre-pay or top up my credits so I can pay via the app. We walked down the road for 10 minutes, crossed a major highway and conveyed to the cashier what we needed. Alright folks, we’re nearly there.

Is Gojek safe?

NOW, was the moment of truth. We fired up the app, as simple as getting an Uber, we said where we wanted to go, where we wanted to be picked up and acknowledged the price it would cost to get there. Hit “Get Go Jek”. Boom. Nauval, my driver, is on his way. The moment of truth.

My face was in stuck in a plastic smile like a Madame Tussaud’s replica. There was a moment when I thought, “oh god this is how I die” and then realizing I was serenely okay with that? Ten minutes later, my feet were planted safely on the ground, I bowed with many thanks to my chauffeur. The first of many dreams come true.

Lessons learned

To setup up SIM cards, go to a proper Telkomsel shop or purchase at the airport. IDR 300k.

To setup Gojek, download the app first and then top up at a local store (we went to Alfamart).

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