Living in Bali and Bored as Hell?

The past few days have seemed just to float by. Without much effort on our part, we have cruised by another week in this lush paradise, and it’s been sobering to think we’ve planned three more months like this.

It was all very exciting, leaving Australia, getting here and helping my friend with her wedding. But now, in the calm, mundane life, I ask myself if this is what I should, we should be doing right now. I guess it’s natural to question life and I didn’t anticipate this to come so quickly. Maybe I’m bored.

We’re a bit grouchy at each other as well. Once again, I thought that we passed this in the beginning, but it seemed to creep up on us now. I have my period, the bed is not as comfy as our old one. The dream of living abroad is slowly fading, and I just want to go home. I can’t believe I just thought that. I want to go home. The real kicker, I have no home. No truly, we’re gypsies or “vagrants” as Josh like to put it. He has a flair for drama.

So, no home, no job, irritable and questioning every decision made up until this point. The mind can be so fickle at times. Maybe if I float in this pool long enough, those thoughts will float away from my mind.

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