Should I visit Bali

I convinced Josh to take me downtown on the scooter. Keep in mind that he just learned how to ride said scooter about a minute ago. The journey was to be 15 minutes one way, crossing two major intersections. If you’ve never travelled to Southeast Asia, let me paint a little picture of the roads for you.

The roads are built like anywhere else, with asphalt, some wider or more narrow than others. The roads have cars and trucks on it and scooters. Lots of scooters. TONS of scooters. Zooming in and out and around cars, trucks and each other. The intersections rarely have traffic lights, so when you come to a turn, you simply slow down and ease into traffic. Seems simple enough. Except how does one navigate a right turn on a major intersection with oncoming traffic??? We’ll find out, I guess.

We agree, before leaving the villa, if he feels uncomfortable at any time, he’s going to pull the plug, and we’ll come back. Agreed. Unlike me, Josh is hyper-aware, and ultra concerned when in comes to safety. Someone once called him “the most risk-averse person they’ve met.” This quality may make some criticise him, but I know that in the direst of situations, Josh would be able to get us out of it.

So, 15 minutes from the villa to downtown. First checkpoint, a bookstore I found online. Second checkpoint, the beach. We get started and weave our way through the busy streets and major intersections very well, we hit a bit of snag when we stalled going uphill, and I made him take a wrong turn. But this worked out well considering it was a quieter route and easier to drive than the main street. Overall a good ride!

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