My Reflections on Travel and Friends

Is Indonesia safe to visit?

I think everyone has a story about making a travel and friends. It happens so often you’d think that it was apart of the tour package. There was a time that I was on an airplane every week, and I remember I used to collect people I met on airplanes. My friend would tell me, “You should write a book and call it ‘Airplane Friends’.”

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Visiting India

Josh knows I love him to spend time with him, and I am also the type of person that gets energy from being around other people. Our trip to India was a perfect example. We had three weeks leave and split time evenly with Sri Lanka and India. In Sri Lanka, it was just me and Josh, day in and day out. We loved it, on the same schedule together, it was bliss.

When we moved on to India, we did some things together, but we had our own agendas. One of the things we did together was a food tour. Now, keep in mind at this point, I had not adequately conversed with anyone else besides Josh for about 12 days. To be honest, I didn’t realize that I needed social interaction until the food tour.

Tour Company in India

Josh had found this fantastic tour company that promised an authentic street food experience in Mumbai. Just before sunset, our guide picked us up at the hotel and took us to meet the rest of the group. The group was a mix of people from a variety of places. Without hesitation, I walked up to each person in the group, introduced myself (and Josh) and started small talk. If our tour guide didn’t wave his hands and introduce himself, they would’ve thought I was the tour guide. Needless to say, I talked the ENTIRE time, to anyone that would listen. Yes, I was that person.

The people you meet

So you see, I need social interaction and by pure luck, I get to meet some really cool people. I met one girl who literally was running out of pages in her passport. She loved to cook and sail and earned money by cooking and crewing on sailboats. She started a blog and made stickers.

We met this couple that had saved for two years to take one year off to travel the world. They had been to Central America, South America, Southeast Asia and were planning to finish in Europe. They talked about travelling together changed their relationship, and they were enjoying being inspired by the world. We collected a whole group of people from our safari trip, and I still follow them on socials!

Moral of the story, travelling gives you a chance to meet like-minded people, kindred spirits, who can become great friends.

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