The Sunset In Bali

I guess you could say that tonight’s sunset was, quintessentially Bali. The light was perfect for ”Golden hour”.

Bali has an ambitious way of improving the sunset each evening. It is as if the island says, “Yesterday’s sunset was good, but you can do better”. Every night the island says the same thing to the sun, and every night it gets better, more beautiful

The truth is, that the sunsets are partially the result of air pollution. All over the island, small fires for rubbish and small fires in fields, produce little wisps of smoke that drift into the evening sky.

The result of ambition for a better sunset and smoke from burning fires? Sunsets that are smokey pink, with hazy orange orbs, that are insanely beautiful. 

My Zen teacher in Japan used to say, “A little poison every day is necessary”, as he would throw back a beer. It is true in the hazy setting sun of Bali, and it is true in our lives, a little poison express the beauty in each of us. 

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