T-Shirt printing Bali – We’re Making Shirts!

T-Shirt printing in Bali was not on the agenda! As we went along on our daily scooter rides, we noticed, seemingly, random shops in an area that didn’t suit the business. Location, the location, right? Well, not here. It seemed that the shop fronts were literally in the front of the owners home. It was all very mid-century America, with mom and pop shops on the ground floor and the family home upstairs. 

On one of our rides, Josh noticed a screen printing shop. So today we decided to stop in and say hello. Now, I thought that we were just saying hello, taking a look and then leaving not doing t shirt printing in Bali. Unbeknownst to me, Josh had a different plan in mind. He was here to make a t shirt and within minutes has trying to translate (mind you I don’t speak Indonesian, like at all) to communicate that we want to use our images to make printed shirts. 

Through many hand motions, my very raw sketches, and then later a proper translator (his nephew) we had struck a deal. The shirts will be a very basic print, our logo and name, in black or white depending on the shirt and ready within a week. Josh was thoroughly chuffed, and I was not sure what just had happened. 


Thinking of getting your t-shirt printing in Bali?

We would recommend our printer whose details are below.

Review of t shirt printing Bali: Mr Ketut at Percetakan Ana Sablon was wonderful! We designed the logo and Mr Ketut was able to copy our file via Whatsapp to his computer to create a screen printing file. We were quoted a few days and Mr Ketut finished the job right on time perfectly. He has a supply of t-shirts available. Keep in mind western sizing and Balinese sizing may be different. I went from an M to XL for example. There is a minimum order size which would be expected. Also, there is a language barrier if you speak English but we had no problem figuring it out. If you would like to see his work in action go to Ryan Bagus Koin cafe which he has done the printing for.


Mr. Ketut, Sablon Printing

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