Review: Airbnb Chom Doi Condo in Chiang Mai

If you are planning to visit Chiang Mai, this is a review of our Airbnb apartment, Chom Doi.

We woke up to roosters crowing, crickets chirping and a river nearby which we didn’t notice last night. From this high floor, we could see the edges of the mountain range as the soft orange sunlight starting to peek through. So far, Chiang Mai, Thailand is proving to be surprisingly delightful. Because we are traveling slow, we chose to go with an apartment for our two-week stay in Chiang Mai. Airbnb is a great way to book these types of accommodation because it is cost-effective for us and we can get more discounts the longer we stay in one place.

Our Airbnb Condo in Chiang Mai

The apartment is in a great place just outside of the Nimmanhaemin area. We were within walking distance to the Maya Lifestyle Center (10-minute walk) and steps away from local eateries. We found Nimman to be incredibly trendy with drink lounges, quality cafes, endless restaurants, and even co-working spaces. If you are keen on Old City, temples and night markets, it can take about 30-45 minutes by foot. If you enjoy long walks in warm weather great!

There are lots of places with air-conditioning that you can duck into for a refreshing break. If not, we would recommend you hire a scooter or moped so you can zip around the area in less time. By motorbike, you can get to most places within 15-20 minutes. We wrote more info on Chiang Mai here.

Chom Doi review

The apartment building, Chom Doi Condotel, is one of two in the complex and we like to think we had the better because ours was round! Even though the building is nearly 25 years old, the apartment felt fresh and was well maintained. The big glass doors gave so much natural light to the apartment. Our bed was firm but surprisingly comfortable. We had a small hot plate for cooking dinner (to be honest we ate out almost every night!), and the cabinets amply stocked with all the crockery you would need.

Whats included in the Airbnb

The apartment came with access to a pool and gym, which we only used once. The real benefits were the shared laundry area and the water refill station.In a tropical place like Thailand, one may sweat more than usual which meant we went through clothes much faster. By the end of each day, our clothes were soaked with sweat. So being able to do a load of laundry at any moment was super helpful. The cost to do one load of laundry (wash and dry) was 60 baht (AUD 3).

Because we were sweating so much, we were re-hydrating twice as fast and having a water station available saved our baht! (See what I did there?) On the first day, we purchased two 6L jugs of water and quickly found out that we would go through one jug a day. With the water refill station, we were able to refill our jugs for 3 baht (AUD 0.15) versus 30 baht per jug (AUD 1.50).

Our Airbnb host at Chom Doi

Our host came highly rated, and while he was based outside of Thailand he was always accessible by phone. Before we arrived, he gave us so many great recommendations and insight into the area. During our stay, any questions we had were answered promptly via the app. Going above and beyond, when yours truly ordered a package that didn’t arrive before she was leaving (Josh still is disgruntled with me), he put us in contact with the building manager (also super helpful and lovely) to sort it out. Overall, we had a pleasant stay at this apartment and would be glad to come back to stay again.


Cost Two-week stay, AUD 535 Book Chom Doi Condotel, via Airbnb link 

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