So What’s Next for Us?

It’s been a little over a month since we left Sydney, and honestly, it feels like a lifetime away. Sometimes we wonder, what’s next for us? We have retreated from the world and refreshed our souls. Bali was indeed a beautiful place to start our journey through Southeast Asia. Enveloped by endless seas of green and warm weather, we were like trees that were awakening to the spring season. 

Arriving in Chiang Mai

The day we arrived in Chiang Mai marked twelve months of Josh resigning from work. We celebrated with a humble meal of Burger King and a moment of reflection. He retold the day’s events and the moments he felt confirmed his action to quit. He shared truthfully that the decision wasn’t in those singular moments but the compounding of those little moments over the years of his tenure. Gratitude, appreciation, and peace are the words he uses to describe his feelings now. That he talks about his feelings, or his thoughts, at all are bounds ahead from where we were eighteen months ago. 

On safari in Tanzania, 2017

I reflect on my own life a year ago, where my worlds also had some significant shifts simultaneously. Work had critical changes with the company’s acquisition; role changes, people moving on, all causing us to rebalance. I was still processing the passing of my step-father and reassessing the choices I’ve made to be so far away from family, from home. Then, Josh resigns. At first, I was so proud of his courage but what followed was fear, panic even, of the uncertainty of maintaining our current lifestyle and what of our life ahead?

Visting Thailand

But here we are, a year later, staying in Thailand and doing what we said we would do. How many times in our lives do we say we want something and not go get it? Too often, I think. This time was different, the Universe had opened doors and shown me paths to this adventure I couldn’t deny. Today I am so grateful for that decision I made.

Moving forward

I see so clearly now what I want in my life. We have changed as individuals. We have grown in our relationship. We have new dreams to chase. So, we’re going to keep travelling, and we’re going to plant roots. We going to read books and write books. We’re going to sing (that’ll mostly be me) and dance (also me) and create and cook and eat and everything else we dream of doing. We’re going to live and love, ourselves and each other.

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